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8x12" Gesso, Spackle, Joint Compound, and Blue Ball Point Pen on Canvas

8x12" Gesso, Spackle, Joint Compound, and Blue Ball Point Pen on Canvas

8x12" Gesso, Spackle, Joint Compound, and Blue Ball Point Pen on Canvas


Hi, All.

Thanks for the note.  Regarding the parking spot (far right side, right bank of garages), I can get that for you these next weeks.  However, beware:   How big is your car? Will it fit easily in the garage? Should we do a test to make sure things are OK?  Are you comfortable with the corner spot?  Be careful backing out the car, as people walk along sidewalk. It is difficult to see.  The new monthly rent will be $$$$$.  However, once started, it will be difficult to “unwind” this (can’t separate garage fee from apartment rent) if you no longer desire the garage in future.  Rent is never reduced.  Rents go up, not down.  Like the apartment, the garage can’t be sub-leased or rented to other folks for other purposes.  As well, usage of garage is restricted only to automobile parking.  This garage can’t be used as storage workshop or work studio, or work shed, or storage closet, or such.  Garage must be for automobile parking, with the garage door always closed, so not visible to outsiders.  As you review this, let me know your thoughts, and if you still desire the garage spot. I can get new paperwork to you.

Thanks very much.



Hi Frank,  

  Thank you for this list of questions and stipulations. As you might know, I am an artist.  I moved to the Bay Area to do art and I am working my absolute hardest to continue in this profession. My wife and I are valuable members of this community too, working in a nearby school and cafe. We love our lives in this area of Oakland and are committed to seeing it thrive. Not merely monetarily for landowners and management companies, but for everyone who lives here and works to make it a vibrant and beautiful community.  I'm sure you'd agree that good tenants are an important factor in the vitality of our neighborhood and your bottom line. To be frank, what is it that causes the value of small space to rise? Is it the political action/inaction of landlords or is the tenacity of residence to flourish in spite of economic woes?

  With raising costs, my wife and I are trying to rearrange our accommodations to fit our ideals and lifestyle. Decisions, such as yours, whether to allow space for an artist, have a special power to encourage and sustain this community. In the long run, I am sure it will work to both your financial advantage. Wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, this is an inquiry. My objective is simply to use the garage as storage for paintings, frames and other art materials, and use it a a place to occasionally build small items. Is this request out of place? I can certainly promise you that it will be well organized, and that the garage door will never be open while unattended. 

 If we can not reach an agreement, then we will have to pass.  I just want to let you know of my intention.

Thank you so much for your time.